A few years ago an old friend of my mother's hunted us down.  After some long telephone conversations, she sent my mom pictures of her family from 20 years ago to the present.  Inspired, I thought the best would be to do the same on this page.  As people get married or have children and birthdays, I will update this page.  Most of the picture are before we had digital camera (how did we survive?) so they had to be scanned in. 

Grandpa's 80th Birthday
It was good to get home and see all of my family on such a happy occasion.  My grandparents treated the whole gang to German food at a local restaurant.  We all had a great time.  For me, it was nice to see everyone since I rarely have the pleasure.  I can only hope that I have as much energy and insight as my Grandfather when I am 80.  All of the pictures from the trip are here.

Jen's Wedding
My final exams started the day after my cousin's wedding.  I couldn't make the 650 mile drive to the wedding but my parents and sister did take some pictures.  I will scan them in when I go home and can steal some.  

Jamie's Wedding
I was still in Tennessee when Jamie got married.  Sadly, I missed her party because of graduation.  Again, I will seek out some pictures when I journey home next. 

Girls, Girls, Girls!

This is an old picture of my sisters, cousins, and I.  There are a lot more where this picture came from.  Starting from left to right.. Cindy, Diana, and Jamie.  I am up top and Shannon is on Diana's lap. 


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