These are my pictures from the trip home. As you can tell I went to the renaissance fair and my grandfathers birthday party.

Hollywood Trip Picturebook
First set of pictures is from the Renaissance fair. Second is my grandfathers birthday party. First picture is of my puppy Benz. I am not sure why its here.


Rens costumes

Tarot readings

Random person

Set stage

Someone else I don't know

Apothecary - doesn't he look cute?

Another random woman

We're tied together

Giving up after 5 minutes

Boy's head


Walking away

This man was walking with something dead


All of the choices

Now I am officially stalking them

Don't they look nervous

Me at dinner

Grandpa unwrapping a cane

The birthday boy

Grandpa and Grandma

A very bright Uncle Kim

Jamie and Steve

Uncle Michael and Aunt Kimmie

Mommy and Daddy

More of me


Flowers, cake, and entertainment

Happy Birthday!

Getting the birthday cake

Dad and Cindy

Cindy and Keith


Me and mommy

Shannon, Bridgett, and Jamie

This was just plain mean of me!

Grandma and Ted

The whole gang

Get there quick!
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