Vlad and I went home and stole Winnie to test our skills with pets.  We arranged my mother's visit a week later.  After almost killing the dog, she finally got here.   We took her to visit Downtown Disney and had dinner at Disney's Polynesian Ohana's.  I am glad that she got to see our new place.  

Katie's mom visit 9/2001
These are some of the pictures taken at home, in Gainesville, and at Downtown Disney, Disney World, Orlando.

Beau on mom's leg

The back of Beau's head

He looks paranoid, doesn't he?


It is amazing she can stand up with such a long nose

Winnie before the weekend

Trying to comfort her

Pure fear

Chicken potpie

Trapped in Gainesville

Mommy and me outside of Disney Quest

Under an umbrella

Halloween is coming

Outside Planet Hollywood

We are pure cuteness

On the water

Legos are so much fun

More Lego creations

Mommy, me and nessie

Mom with the beast

How many people does Lego employ

On a very important date

Entrance way to the Disney Store

Minnie, Mommy, and me

Vlad with his best friend

Feeling like pizza

Mom meeting Mickey

Another restaurant

In case you missed the last shot

One big Disney store

Huge pineapple  at Cuban Cafe

Ohana lobby

Mom and me at dinner

I LOVE this fruit

Vlad, Katie, and Roy (our waiter)

Outside of Ohana

Us by the pool

Pineapple growing

Ducks... Vlad's fetish

Get there quick!
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